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Home > State Information >Folk Dances of Himachal Pradesh


Folk Dances of Himachal Pradesh


Folk Dances of Himachal Pradesh

The love, joys, sorrows and hopes of the people are reflected in folk art form of Himachal Pradesh through traditional symbolic patterns. Folk theatre in Himachal has been playing significant social role in the cultural history of the state. In most of the dances, men and women perform the dance in coordination in a close formation and these theatrical performances are known by different names in different parts of Himachal: Karyala in Mahasu & Sirmour, Banthra in Mandi, etc. all these folk art forms reflect the simple thought patterns of the rural folk.


The autumnal hue is celebrated in the month of September in the Himachal and for the celebration of this festival the Namagen dance is performed. The most striking dance performance amongst these is the Gaddis. The costumes that are used in this dance are of woolens and women wear richly studded ornaments of silver. The dancing steps & rhythm of the dance is wonderfully mixed with each other. Drum plays an important part in this dance performance.


The most interesting and equally popular folk drama of Himachal Pradesh is Karayila. This drama includes an entertaining series of small playlets, skits, variety shows and parodies. This form of shows present sharp and pungent satires about the bureaucracy and social issues very boldly.


Losar Shona Chuksam Dance
The Losar Shona Chuksam is an agricultural festival dance performance. Losar refers to the New Year of the Tibetan people and it is performed by the Kinnauris in their typical style. The dancing
steps depict all activities that are related with farming from sowing to reaping barley and phaphar (a local grain). The dance performance also includes innovative performed in the form of mime.


Temples of Himachal Pradesh
Temples in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh are originally dedicated to village deities. Every village as well as every association has its own deity. Among these cave temples and temples
on hills are most important.

Popular Hindu faith considers the great Himalayas to be the home of the Gods. Dating back to ancient times the Himalayan region is full of places of worship abounding in natural beauty. Numerous legends are associated with the great epics of India are actually related
with these holy places.

The following are some of the temples placed in caves or hills of Himachal Pradesh in North India:
Chamunda Devi situated at Kangra, Jhakhu Temple at Shimla, Jwalamukhi Temple at Dharamshala, chaintpurni Temple at Una, Bhimakali Temple at Sarhan, Naina Devi Temple at Bilaspur, Balasundati Temple at Nahan, Bhutanath Temple at Mandi, Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Chamba, etc.


Himachal Pradesh Museums
Though Himachal Pradesh is the land of God and Goddess, the place is also famous for Museums. The collections of these Museums reflect the rich cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh and nearby region. Some famous Museums of this state are: Bhuri Singh Museum: Located at Chamba in Himachal Pradesh, Bhuri Singh Museum is the treasure house of the rich cultural heritage of Chamba and surrounding region.


Puratatva Chenta Sangh: Puratatva Chenta Sangh is situated at Mandi and showcases 6,000 rare photographs of archaeology.


Shri Chandra Mani Kashyap Museum: Shri Chandra Mani Kashyap Museum is located at Bhagwahan Muhalla, Mandi and contains various types of old manuscripts, coins, paintings, stone sculptures and wooden objects.


Himachal State Museum: Himachal State Museum is located at Shimla and houses a rare assortment of sculptures, paintings, coins, manuscripts, photos, books and many other anthropological and archaeological items, which reflects cultural legacy of Shimla.



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